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Celina Wycykal

Tax Specialist

(773) 777-1040 ext. 114

My name is Celina. I have been in accounting business for more than five years now. I love what I’m doing and definitely treat clients the way I would like to be treated. I’m patient with numbers. I can take care of your business and personal digits, payroll preparation, insurance audits and much more! 

In my spare time I love travelling – there’s so much to see in this beautiful world! I enjoy spending time outdoors. I also like painting – I find it very unwinding. I also enjoy being around animals, especially dogs. And no, you cannot deduct your vet visits as your expense nor can you put your pet as your dependents 🙂 

About us: Biz Inc was established back in September of 2003 and, along with its sister company Biz Broker Inc, has been actively and wholeheartedly serving its customers. We provide services for small and medium businesses whose operations range from contractors to truckers to day care owners and many more. We also provide services for individuals including taxes and insurance.  

Best thing about us: you can get everything done in one place!

Good people, good prices, good business!

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